Jordan Chandler is an Installation, Theatre and Film Maker/Director based in London. In addition to jotdown, she is also the Artistic director of 'Deadpan Orchestra' and Co Founder of Naughty Horse Productions. She studied Fine Art Performance at Brighton University then transferred to Central Saint Martins where she studied Performance: Design and Practice. Her work is heavily visual and movement based, influenced by her art, dance and acting background. Drawing from personal experiences, she uses comedy to translate and create dark, moving and thought provoking art. Jordan is motivated to create work which is accessible and relatable to diverse audiences, through many different mediums of her creative practice.


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Dorothy Graham is a theatre and film maker, her best work is either inspired from a story she loves, an injustice that enrages her, or a question she can’t stop asking. She is a versatile creative, and enjoys fusing her background in performance and choreography, with her film concepts and direction. She creates work that takes risks aesthetically and physically, yet remains accessible and involving for a wide audience. An experienced stage manager, she has also worked on several Drama Centre London productions. As a co-director of jotdown, she is happiest working in a team, and can instigate a playful creative process that is rigorous and productive to ensure a dynamic and innovative final result.







Born in Seattle, Washington, Miranda Dahl now lives in Brooklyn, New York, where she graduated in May 2018 from Pratt Institute, with a BFA in printmaking and a minor in cultural studies. Dahl participated in an exchange program in London where she attended Central Saint Martins to study performance design. It was here that she collaborated closely with Chandler and Graham and helped to establish jotdown as a multi-media performance company. A resident of Athens, GA for fourteen years, Dahl trained intensely in contemporary, jazz, ballet, and hip hop dance at Dancefx, a not-for-profit studio. Upon becoming an instructor for both youth and adult classes, she choreographed pieces for Dancefx Concert Dance Company, the FX Performance Companies, and Xtensity. Dahl has attended several competitions and conventions such as Bravo!, Open Call, and The Pulse On Tour, where her choreography received platinum scores. During the summer of 2009, she studied at the American Dance Festival School in Durham, North Carolina, training with choreographers from companies such as Shen Wei Dance Arts and The Forsythe Company. Her work often considers the link between fine art and performance—how they combine to inform and develop each other.  










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